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Beyond the Veil – A Life Possible Afterlife Part 4 (Conclusion)

over 6 years ago
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Robert Pease, Ph.D. (dr_robert)

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I loved feeling so good and remembered everything and everybody and every experience. Yes, there are past lives, lots of them, and future ones as well. And most importantly, I was aware that no religion on Earth can express the true nature of Love. It is not a being, but all beings combined. Life is everlasting and filled with experiences of creation and so many possibilities. I was aware of it and more than I can now remember since I returned. “The classic Soul Travel experience is leaving the human body in full awareness and having the Light and Sound of God flow directly into the Soul body.” ~ Harold Klemp But, I do know I was given an opportunity to stay. I did not have to go back to my body if I did not want to. It would be okay to stay. And a part of me wanted to stay, but there was also a part of me that wanted to return. It did not seem crazy to me to return, but the right thing to do. I had unfinished business. I felt I had a plan and I wanted the opportunity to complete my mission. And in my mind’s eye I knew deeply what the mission was to be. I did not hesitate. I requested the Voice, who now appeared as a committee, to allow me to return. I was told that it would take a great deal for me to recover my body. It would require great nurturing and love. I would have immense obstacles to overcome for many years, but I could do it. I would be guided and instructed. I believed this to be true. I knew I could depend on the love. I was not sure what the obstacles would be, but I knew I would be okay. I knew I had always been okay, no matter what, and that the Voice would never abandon me – or for that matter anyone else. I could trust that this was the truth. As quickly as it was decided to allow me to return, I awoke from a coma in body traction unable to move. But I was alive again in my body and the smiling faces looking down at me were familiar and loving. They were astonished and amazed. I had returned into my pain body and my new journey would begin. It remains astounding and sometimes difficult, but always the path of love, for I know that all is well in each of us. All is goodness even when we are alone, afraid and hungry. We are protected by a greater story than most of us can imagine. I remained curious for years why so many of us do not know where we come from or why we are here. It all seemed so perfectly clear when I was gone. But once I returned, so much became veiled again. I asked for a reason for this and was told it was because I wanted it to be a surprise! I laughed, because I knew this would be something I would want – to be in this every day and feel it anew every morning. And to be grateful to have this great adventure again. And to most importantly know now that just the sheer pleasure of breathing, that breath is a miracle of this moment.

over 6 years ago

That was very profound. You’ve added years of enlightenment in 20 minutes! Thank you for sharing.