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Beyond the Veil – A Life Possible Afterlife Part 2

over 6 years ago
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Robert Pease, Ph.D. (dr_robert)

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Ahead of us was the side of a mountain and to the right of us was a ravine. Neither was a choice Orazio wanted to make, while he tried in vain to force steer the car to focus on the highway. Unfortunately all his efforts would be sullied by what would happen next. In that moment, I realized that we were going to run smack into the mountain. I was also aware that once Orazio realized that we were on a fast approach crash he slammed on the brakes of the car. At this point everything began to move in slow motion in my head. As I sat in the front passenger seat I looked at the mountain and I spoke in a whisper, “This is it!” I placed my hands over my face and laid my head down on my lap. As the car hit the guard rail I became aware of the vehicle beginning to flip front over back. My body left the seat and began to bounce off the roof of the car and back to the seat. In my mind, as if in slow motion, I became hyper-aware of the following event. On the second flip on the highway the windshield crashed. The car began to flip again and as my body rose up into the air it began to exit the car. In this moment the car was turning to roll on its side, car door to car door. On the next flip my body left the vehicle and felt as if it were airborne for long moments, before sliding across the pavement for several yards. I slid and then rolled until finally becoming inert. Death when unmasked shows us a friendly face and is a terror only at a distance ~ Oliver Goldsmith I don’t know how long I was on the highway before I became super-conscious of the great peace that warmed my mind. I found myself looking down at myself and only feeling a deep love for the man who lay silent on the ground. For a long moment there was a partial disconnect, a split between my mind and my body. I found myself talking to my body attempting to wake it. I looked at it and wondered if it was breathing, if it was broken if it was alive. I wanted to shake my body, but found no response to my thoughts. I asked my body to wiggle a foot, to see if my back was okay. I asked my body to be calm that help would be on the way. And then, in the silence, I was super aware of how quiet it was in the darkness. I looked around and there were no cars on the highway, no lights, nothing. Just darkness. And there was the two of me. My body lay on the highway in total disrepair and my mind hovered above it attempting to comfort what was left of my life. In the next moment, I began to think about all of the people I loved and that I did not have a chance to say goodbye to before the crash. I thought of my mother and wished I had a phone to call her, to tell her that I was okay, that everything was fine. “I am safe and not in any pain,” I wanted to say. I wanted to tell her I loved her and that she needed to tell everyone that it was quick and I was having a great day with friends on the beach. I wanted to tell her that I was sorry that this was going to break her heart. I wanted to let her know that I felt peaceful and remarkably lighter. Perhaps it was the absence of gravity, or the fact that I was aware that the only thing that really was noticeably different is that I had stopped breathing. Everything else seemed the same in a way. I was still me perhaps a bit clearer, more peaceful and hyper-aware of all my thoughts past, present and future. I became aware that I knew all of me from times before and times to come; of cities long destroyed and wars lost; of mothers and fathers and lovers both male and female that I had lived through. I remembered the bodies that had hosted me for what seemed like ions. It was almost overwhelming to ‘time trip’ in those moments. I had to stop; I had to stay focused on my body. I had to take care of my body until, well until it too was at rest or whatever it required. I also became aware that my friends were silent. Where were they? Were they alive? Where was the car? I realized that the car was gone, that it had disappeared over the cliff. However, I was unclear if my friends were still alive or not. At that moment there were bright lights, flashes of cars approaching and stopping and people running over to my body and looking over the cliff on the other side of the guardrail. Then there was wailing and crying and gasping as more and more people stopped and came running. I found myself trying to tell them to pick me up and take me to the hospital, or just call an ambulance to just do something other than standing around wailing and gasping. It was all so strange to me. “In the night of death, hope sees a star, and listening love can hear the rustle of a wing” ~ Robert G Ingersoll