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Beyond the Veil – A Life Possible Afterlife Part 1

over 6 years ago
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Robert Pease, Ph.D. (dr_robert)

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In 1984 I experienced a very intense near death experience (NDE), which left me crippled and semi-comatose for several months in a hospital in Naples, Italy. It was not an experience I was ever planning to have in my life nor would I have believed that I would have ever recovered from such a catastrophic event. I was in my early 30’s living an adventure of a lifetime. I partied in the big discos of Rome, yachted with the rich and powerful in the summer on the Amalfi Coast, the islands of Capri, Ischia, Greece and on the beaches of the emerald coast in Sardinia. Never in my wildest dreams could I have prepared for what would happen to me and my two friends on a hot August evening on the famed Italian highway on the Amalfi coast, as we drove to Naples, Italy on a late Sunday night. We had been on the beach all day in the small village of Vietri Sul Mare, famed for the beautiful artisan pottery and ceramics that are fired in the underground kilns. My friends and I were later to join a friend who is a shop keeper and lives a peaceful life in a small palazzo in the center of the village. After sunset we dined on his balcony enjoying the simple yet delicious Italian summer cuisine of fresh fish, mussels, insalata caprese (the famed salad of fresh latte de buffalo, fresh basil, vine ripened tomatoes and olive oil) while drinking red wine from his cellar. “It is worth dying to find out what life is.” ~ T.S. Eliot Later in the evening one of my friends, a beautiful young German fraulein from Heidelberg named Ushie, who worked in a local shop, suggested we all go to Naples for a shopping spree on Monday. Since Orazio, whose BMW 700 series would be our ride into the city, needed to agree on the journey, who himself was off on a month long vacation in August called ferie in Italian, we would make plans to drive fairly late after digesting our dinner. The shopping spree was only planned for one day at the most and we would return to the seashore on Tuesday. However, this would not be the case. Later that same evening we left our host to drive on a dark highway to Naples. We stopped on the way at a local service station, to fill up and purchase espressos to stimulate our further two hour drive. Orazio drove, I sat in the front passenger seat and Ushie reposed in the back seat directly behind me. In those days it was not yet a habit to wear a seat belt and the Italians are legendary for driving fast in their well-designed cars. Ironically, I put a cassette tape of Devo on and as we approached a curve on the road the song playing was ‘Whip It‘. Orazio and I were talking and Ushie was napping in the back sleep. It seems like a dream, a dream that I remember as vividly as if it were yesterday. It has remained crystal clear to me all these years later. The car suddenly appeared not to turn on the curve, as if the steering wheel was locked to go straight ahead. I remember Orazio gasped as he struggled to turn the wheel, but to no avail.