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Give yourself a Cleansings bath

over 6 years ago

negative energies Sometimes you just Can`t get around them but you do your Best to Help anyone but Sometimes it stays with you all day and night and the Next day as well.

Will i learn to give myself a Cleansing when this Happens and it just helps me and i wanted to share it with everyone out there! What you Need!

Start with Fill Bath with Hot Water!

1.Milk and honey. Half Cup milk and 2tbsp Of honey 2.Light a White candle 3.Rosemary Or Roses 4.A fresh lime

When in the Bath Keep your Mind Clear of negative energie

Hope you try and enjoy!

over 6 years ago

Thanks haven’t heard that one before. Thanks for sharing! :)

over 6 years ago
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Hello.I do have something that is great for us who works online and with many different people and energy, so for not keep those bad energy with you, then you better make something like a filter of bad energy near your computer, what i have bein g using for many years is rock salt three piece only just use a plain glass of water and put the three rocks of salt in it each morning and leave it near your computer,and when you turn it down for the day you shoul drop th eglass of water into a sinck and clean the glass and leave it empty till next time you will be online then do it again the same way, i ahve used to do it every single morning i just fill th eglass and put the rock salt and leave it near my computer and when i fell i am heavy on my energy then i use just one leaf of green rue.It is great filter for negative energy.sorry My english is not so good i try my best.Good luck for you if oyu decide to use it. blesses.