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What makes a good psychic?

over 6 years ago

I just want to give a shout out to just a few of the truly amazing psychics on Bitwine. I have had the privilege over this past year of doing many readings with probably close to one hundred different psychics. My Question? What makes a good psychic? And I think through my research, this is what I came up with so far: 1) One who has the ability to pick up unique details to your situation that are most relevant and helpful to the question asked. General sweeps of information do not always help an individual make the changes they need to improve tomorrow. 2) One that has the ability to translate the information given to them in an objective manner, not too positive and not too negative. To positive leaves one in disbelief, like they were just handed a fairytale and too negative just makes an individual feel bad and increases the likelihood they will dismiss the reading all together. Neither helps a client make those important changes they need to focus on. 3) One that has the ability to deliver the news to their clients in a sensitive therapeutic manner. If bad information has to be delivered then it’s those who also provided some positive steps a person can do to help themselves, or those who also pointed out some positive characteristics of the situation at hand that left me more open to absorb the bad news. 4) And lastly, it was those who saw the same message every time and did not “switch” their vision to go with the current information. Not to say information does not change, but they were reading the same person every time. They had confidence in the messages they were receiving and therefore left me to have confidence in them. So after saying all that I want to say a big heart felt THANK YOU to all the REAL psychics out there. You have inspired me to work on the things I needed to change and made me a better person as a result. I want to give the following psychics my recognition of exhibiting all of the above and more!!! Raven Wolfe, Araya, Valdene Love, Angel Advisor Nina, MitMystic, Love Reader Connie, Psychic Deon, Celeste, Miracle Powers, Samantha Aura, Michelle Caporale, Robert Pease Ph.D, Master Psychic White Raven, Love Healer Jessica, Medium Valerie,Jessica Raven, Barbara Ann Reed, ….

over 6 years ago
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Master Psychic White Raven (jennifer2011)

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Blessings to you Jeannie. I want to thank you for writing this article. You are a very special soul. I know that it is difficult to find readers that you can trust. I am glad you are able to do so. I have always loved to connect with you . I look forward to connecting with you again on the spiritual path love. And just remember you always have the power inside of you, Never give your power away love. xoxoxo

Love White Raven xoxo

over 6 years ago
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Estanislao Garza (chiefnitehawk63)

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over 6 years ago

I don’t believe I ever read with you, and I would never judge someone on their typing skills or if English is not their native language…those are not indicators of your special abilities….if that is what you meant by slow….

over 6 years ago
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Robert Pease, Ph.D. (dr_robert)

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How thoughtful and perceptive! You know, the note you wrote exactly projects the kind and loving person you are with the heart of a lioness! You empower others in the empowerment you have manifested in your own journey! Thank you for your thoughts and for your thought-fullness. Kindness spreads like the wind! Blessings. In gratitude, Dr Robert

over 6 years ago

Sharp observation Sweet Heart, Thanks for The Respect & Love.. You are Sooooooooooooooo SweeeeeeeeeTTTTT xoxoxo

over 6 years ago
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Angel Advisor Nina (clairvoyant_angel)

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hi jeannie just came across this loved your article! blessings and so honored to have met you, Always here for you not only as a psychic but as a friend! xo