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Do you have questions about parenting? Relationships? Do you need Ideas on how to cope with emotional turmoil? Maybe ideas on journalism or what to write? Maybe you would like a tarot reading? I have a lot to offer so whatever you need I am here to help.


I love to listen and help people work out the kinks that bother them, and feel I am extremely good at just putting a helpful idea into place. I Have a lot to offer. I am a parent as well as a wife so I am expertise in those areas. I can help with emotional Turmoil and tragedy and how to cope and survive, I have a good handful of experience in this as well. I am also a writer and currently working a book so that too I can offer some ideas and advise. I can read Tarot and help answer those unanswered questions that have been in the back of your head. From parenting to writing to relationships to even changing your own car oil, to dealing with emotional issues maybe fighting and battling a monster in your head and needing a technique to get along with your inner demons, to cleansing the soul and reaching out to the universe, to journalism and expressing ideas on paper, to internet research I am here to help, I have a lot to offer and will be grateful to assist you in any way you need.

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Life experience gave me some wonderful, helpful and useful knowledge. I have overcome and survived my own life issues and feel I have a good handful of different things to offer. I am also a parent so I know first hand what that entails. I also have a husband so that too I have my own experience in.


I was a child thrown into the ugliness of a cruel adult world. Survivor or abuse and I learned my own ways to cope. I have been writing since I was a little girl. I studied and learned little bits of knowledge here and there, and taught myself to read Tarot. I suffered relationship turmoil and abuse until I found the love of my life. I am a parent and have been for almost 5 years now. Currently I am a domestic engineer staying home with my children, cleaning house and cooking meals.

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