Siobhan Darroch

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Why are they so inconsistent, yet you feel so attached?

Why are they so hot and cold?

What is to come with your past love(s), current romantic connection(s)?

I look forward to offering you intuitive, insightful, honest and empathetic insights into your questions.

Let’s work together to find a path for you that leads to optimum happiness.

I am SO very grateful for all of you, thank you for all you share and entrust with me, the privilege to know you makes me truly blessed.

I provide intuitive, insightful, caring, honest,information.

The primary lesson I wish you to take away from a reading with me is that YOU are in control.

Neither you or I can control the freewill of others, I cannot make people be with you, love you, accept you. I will try to show you why they may choose not to be/cannot be with you and if that is likely to change. From there, you, have to make active, not passive, decisions, about how to live your life.

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17+ years experience as a practicing psychic.

From a long maternal line of psychics.

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