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Psychic Medium , Spiritual Advisor, Healer & Life Coach


JOIN ME If you are feeling lost/ scared/ stressed and need insightful answers about your future/ Love/ career or any other aspect of Life because i am here with years of experience to help you and guide you through your difficult times for desired outcome

Join me with an open heart because i will tell you everything as it is and not sugarcoat, because knowing the truth is always better.

When you come to me, be prepared to know more about how to change your life for the better. Remember that with changes in your actions & thinking you CAN change your life, for better or worse.

TESTIMONIAL of the Day The most compassionate person ever. Have told me everything without me asking and it was all fact and truth. I am stunned by honesty ,truthfulness,and generosity. I am not only told about the situation but have been guided to do things to help myself and move forward.Try her out she is THE REAL DEAL.

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☆ ♥ Who Am I..??? ♥ ☆


I am 5th Generation Gifted PSYCHIC & Spiritual Guide ♥Empath & Clairvoyant ♥ Medium & Astrology expert ♥Relationship Healer with Spiritual light, And White Magic(RITUALS)

i work by energy connection .. no tools i am also a energy healer , medium who can help you in regards to soul mate/twin flame , love relationships, reunions, career finances, jobs, Relationships, Breakups

I am straight forward, I give what I am told, I don’t filter, change or try to piece anything together. I am a humble, friendly and caring guy who has integrity, is respectful, truthful, authentic, honest, and real. I don’t like to create glamour drama for the show of it. like to keep things simple and help other with my heart and soul.



I have been in this profession for 7+ years and have great expertise in my field, but have my own unique way of guiding , and counseling

I can feel energy & emotions from other people. I am God gifted, who can pick up your emotions, as well as the emotions of those you are inquiring about. I also give Therapy(Reiki healing) to those who are going through bad phase and patch in their life. These sessions are subject oriented and results are very promising.

☆ ♥ My Expert readings will help you ♥ ☆ ☆~ ☆☆~☆☆~☆☆~☆

♥Know your true soul mate ♥why your partner has changed suddenly ♥Is he/she in love with you? ♥What are his/her true intentions/feelings about you? ♥Why is he/she distant?♥

♥chances/opportunities in future

♥Why are there problems in your finances and how to improve,

♥ why you are not able to find a Job or when will you find one,

♥Which career/path is better for you & so on…..

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Languages: English, Arabic

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01 Jan 2017 unsatisfactory ranking abovethesky

This lady is a faud , she will only tell you want she thinks you want to hear. When I told her I did not like the reading she reused and threatened to report me for asking for a refund? Yet, In the reading I was a 'kind,caring soul" Do not waste your time or money, becuase she will not care about you, just take your money and try to block you if you complain. I believe in fairness and equality andhonestly, you can keep the $10, but karma always comes back to people. Don't believe me read some of chat, she is a fraud and will only tell you what she thinks you want to hear and guess " i cant refund you 11:26PM abovethesky not feeling this type of readinfg 11:26PM Psychic Duaa you came her for time 11:26PM abovethesky ? 11:26PM Psychic Duaa and i gae you time and reasidn 11:26PM

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