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- I am very sorry to say- I Strongly and sadly pick up that she wont make it 12/25/16 :(

"Carrie Fisher, who became a global icon as a teenager when she took on the role of Princess Leia in "Star Wars," remains in a Los Angeles hospital in intensive care after suffering a heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles on Friday.

...her family is asking for Prayers to be sent" <3

And now i must also say i dont think her Mother will be long for this world-i feel she will pass from Unbearable Heartbreak and Join her child quite soon as well…

(>>> my prediction>>> from late evening om 26th Dec)

Further update on her Mom Joing her: if its properly researched or looked into i strongly pickup they will find (carrie Fishers mother D.Reynolds)that pills were involved either addedOR subtracted2 make happen faster :(

i knew she would not stay here once carrie passed however for it to have happened that quickly i feel is almost impossible, however i did predict this-regardless of circumstnc


^^CHAT OPENS VERY…SLOWLY MUST GIVE it 1 FULL MiNute Really give it 60 full secs & count! AFTER.. u c the first "hello" that’s the system saying it still… isn’t me yet I can c it cuz the screens up but it still takes up2 60 more secs b4 it lets me type- or …also good 2inbox me while in chatWaiting2 open… so u know2wait as im there &will inbox u back in realTime!**

other website profile page reviews:

—JM "Absolutely fabulous! She is well worth the reading. Honestly, she was able to answer all my questions accurately. Has my confidence up and looking forward to some great things ahead! :)" J M, hollywood FL

DW "Thank you…your energy from the beginning was awesome and that really helps us relax on this side. You have given me hope and shed a lot of light on things for me. The best is yet to come and I am opening to receive.. Blessings to you….I will be back!!!" Debbie W, Colorado Springs CO

DL "She was amazing. I felt a strong connection with her, she read me and touch on everything that I was feeling and going through right now. I feel this was more of a healing than anything. I will take your advise and hope to let you know of the outcome in the future. She is definitely someone who is compassionate, caring, and understanding. I would very much like to contact her again." D L, lumberton TX

DG "Thank you so much for a great reading.I will keep you posted on how the business is going and the new man when he shows up. Thanks again" D G, culver city CA

SW "Thank you for the reading! Thank you… Sheree W, Baltimore MD

RT "Amazing and upbeat! Anon Boca raton, FL

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