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★40years Experience. I specialize in aura readings, tea leaf, tarot cards, spiritual cleansing,energy readings,spiritual love advisor, pet readings, dream interpetations,crystle readings,life coach,,reunites loved ones. past, present, and future,help in all matters of life.will tell you where you are and where you are going! no other reader is like me! ATT ALL CLIENTS! I DO NOT SUGAR COAT MY READINGS! IF YOU DO NOT RESPECT THE TRUTH, THEN PLEASE DON’T BOTHER CONTACTING ME. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE YOUR READING WITH ME, THEN MOVE ON TO ANOTHER ADVISOR!DESTINY CHANGES AT A RAPID PACE, THEREFORE I DO NOT HAVE CONTROLE OVER THAT, ONLY THE UNIVERSE DOES!!ARE YOU CONSTANLY WONDERING IS HE/SHE THE RIGHT ONE?WILL MY CARREER/FINANCES CHANGE? WILL THE LOVE OF MY LIFE COME BACK?DO MY PASSED ON LOVED ONES SEE ME AND GUIDE ME THROUGH LIFE?THESE AND MANY MORE ANSWERS AWAIT YOU TODAY!!

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Have studied at Berkeley institute of psychics in Calif,also studied psychic arts at UCLA.


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As a psychic Clairvoyant and was the owner/ operator of mystic psychic shop in Beverly hills Calif. Have had psychic abilities since childhood.that turned in professionalism later on in years as more psychic clairvoyant abilities became common for me.with all thses gifts that I hold, I decided to help people in their lives, people who are shy and from all walks of life. I have helped people rediscover themselves who got lost along the way in transition.my psychic abilities have helped many people nationally, and abroad. I also have read for celebbrities. people who have hectic lives who need some sort of guidance in their busy lives and don’t have time for themselves contact me to guide them with my expertise. people who lost love and can’t seem to find it contact me for my help and support.are you one of these many who need help?do you have a situation that you just can’t seem to figure out how it got like that in the first place? then contact me today, and let me and my spirit guides help and advise you to a more better understanding of where you are and where your going.

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15 Jul 2017 satisfactory ranking shannakathryn

The reading was alright. She connected but was pretty general in her answers towards the end.

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21 May 2017 satisfactory ranking kerro69

I don't think she answers any of my questions directly she left them all open for me to answer not what. Wanted

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30 Apr 2017 satisfactory ranking yessie1

She was good she answers all my questions

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22 Jan 2017 satisfactory ranking pri

Very patient Reader..Hope her predictions come true.

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05 Jan 2017 satisfactory ranking flossiemay

Thank you.

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