❤ BEST RATE ❤ ❤ WITH GREAT LOVE SOUL MATE ❤ … I am a natural gifted psychic through blood. I come from a very long line of intuitive readers, I have over 15 years of experience. I am a very nice person, very kind hearted and understanding. I have been through so much in life. I have seen the good the bad and the ugly. I continue to help others even if I cannot help myself. , I have always focused my energy on guiding people and helping them find their true happiness in life, whether it is thru love, happiness, luck, family, friends or finances. I am always here to lend a helping hand. A lot of people can say they are gifted but it’s mostly the people who can prove it who truly have a gift. Everything I know is thru experience. I’m not a liar and I am not a cheat. I feel there is no reason lying when you can just be honest. Why hide/run from your problems. They help you learn and grow in life. Everybody has been thru good and bad, but I am here to show them that there is more good than bad and to always be

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14 Dec 2016 unsatisfactory ranking selen1234

Purely Scam. Do not use her. $15 for Bullshit. She only types about 1 word each for $15. Then she makes sure the credit runs out and tells you she wants to do a prayer that starts now. Then asks to add another credit while she prays for 10,20 mins. At the end, you will be spending over $40. All she said was nothing related to me. REFUND ME IMMEDIATELY or I file a dispute

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