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I welcome all walks of life here to visit my page and see what I have to offer. I offer a variety of services and can handle just about anything.My goal is to help you and help you understand that you are the Co-Creator of your life and you hold the Pen to draw whatever outcome you desire! Fast typer!! Trusted Psychic!!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Claircognizants, Spirit Communication, MediumShip Readings,(Only offered with Tarot) Tarot, TimeFrames(ONLY when offered by Spirit!) Various Healing Modalities, Energy Manipulation and much more.

★Full Spiritual Cleanse $149 (Includes Chakras, Aura, and Cutting Cords)

★Full Chakra Balancing $69

★Full Aura Cleansing $49

★Cutting Cords Cleanse $59

★14 Day Angel Healing&Protection $99

★Energetic Shift $79

★Financial Shift $79

★Relationship Shift $80


INFORMATION & TERMS (To keep things fair) ╰☆╮Experience: I have had many years of experience practicing and putting my abilties to the test. The natural born gifts have only increased over time and will continue as time moves forward. I have practiced my abilities also at the famous Monroe Institute and at the Rhine Research Center. I have also had 1000’s of clients from across the world come to me, looking for help. So….In other words I am certain I can help!

╰☆╮Readings&Questions: I ask that you please be specific in your questions as this will give you a more specific answer from Spirit!

╰☆╮Connection: I can connect to just about anyone without difficulty. If I feel I am having an issue you will know within the 3 mins of introductory time. If YOU for some reason feel that I am not the psychic for you please leave and dont waste your time or mine as time can never be recovered. Also don’t try to test our connection..Be upfront and honest..This is a service..It will do you NO good when you are making me feel pressured and anxious about the reading. It will also NOT be tolerated as I will immediately close the chat. Assuming you have read my profile.

╰☆╮Reviews: Reviews are welcome, I will never pressure a client to leave one. I also will NOT feed you lies to get a good review. To many people live and accept illusions as life when that is not the case.

╰☆╮Accuracy Of Readings: I am very confident in my readings as I have worked for some of the top Psychic Sites on the web. Of course nobody is 100% and anyone that says they are RUN! My reviews are proof enough of this though. Please see Purple Ocean reviews should you need more proof. ;)

╰☆╮Psychic Predictions/Advisors: Please I ask that if you are getting a reading with me you do NOT compare readings you had with other advisors. Not every Advisor will see eye to eye on the same prediction as we all have different skills and experiences in our line of work which will also vary in the insights given along with predictions. If you come to me for a reading its because YOU are asking for my insights.

╰☆╮Time: Time is a tricky thing when it comes to readings but its most certainly something I offer. I ONLY give a time when Spirit offers it! If its not offered then there is nothing to give.

╰☆╮Reimbursement: I do NOT give refunds because time is precious and I still dedicated that time to help you!

╰☆╮ChargeBacks: If after a point in time I notice a ChargeBack it will NOT be tolerated as I contain and hold all transcripts from our session together along with my services. I WILL provide this to Paypal.

╰☆╮Psychic Insight: My abilities are used to help those who are in need of them.Readings are ONLY meant to help you as well as guide you. At the end of the day you are FULLY RESPONSIBLE for YOUR life!

By getting a session you agree to this TOS!


Many Blessings

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Languages: English, Some Spanish

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