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The most amazing reading ever! He picked up right away on my situation and was very on point and specific. At one point he told me to stop typing so he could just continue to share what he was getting. I could feel his energy tapping into me – and such peace right now. I will definitely be in touch again!

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“You are so much stronger than you know Braver than you think and More Loved than you can imagine”

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Webpage: http://www.laspiritus.com

LaSpiritus.com is my website dedicated to my work on BitWine. Please visit my website now and please signup. If you have not done so already you I will give you a Free Ten Minute reading straight away! Once you are signed up I will continue to publish promotion codes and Special Offers.

Here are some of my credentials:-

♚ Fully qualified & trained Master of Cartomancy; using the Power of Playing Cards and Tarot to connect with your guides.

♚ Study of Horology (The Study of time). This gives allows me total insight to events and a timeline of events.

♚ Creator and publisher of various sets of Playing Cards for Divination including the Anne Rose Edition.

♚ Author and publisher of Spiritual related Articles.

♚ Reiki Healer (qualified at the Gnostic Centre, Leeds, UK)

♚ Creator and Presenter of various Psychic Development Courses.


When the pain is just too much & when you cannot think clearly please reach out. I have helped so many – let me help you right now!

♚ Together with my psychic abilities we will be able to see clearly into your future.

♚ I know I can help you find the best route to achieving what your heart desires. I help hundreds of people each year.

♚ Let me know what you need and desire – together let us see how best you can achieve it.

♚ In times of pain and despair it is so hard to know what to do next. If you feel alone or confused come to me right now and let us together look at your path ahead. I will do everything possible to start easing your pain.

♚ Knowing when things are going to happen is really important. Most of my customers think it is essential. As someone who has spent a great deal of time studying Horology (study of time) you can be confident of my Timeline predictions.

♚ If you need someone who will get to the heart of the matter in the shortest amount of time I can assure with over 25 years experiencing working all over the world as a professional Psychic Psychic I will certainly be able do this and very quickly.

♚ When the questions keep spinning round in your head about your situation, then let me help start answering them.

♚ If you are feeling confused then let me help and give you crystal clear clarity.


Buy more minutes – pay less:

Bronze – 120 minutes for $200 ($1.67 per min)

Silver – 350 minutes for $499.00 ($1.43 per min)

Gold – 1000 minutes for just $950 giving you a price of less than a Dollar per minute! ($0.95 per min)

There is no time expiry after purchasing the minutes.

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