I Will TRULY AMAZE you with my pinpoint accuracy into your life. As a Psychic, Clairvoyant, And Spiritualist I am able to read on a number of levels. I have various psychic abilities, such as;

•Clairsentience (picking up on feelings)

•Clairaudience (psychic hearing)

•Clairvoyance (seeing pictures or images).

I am a strong Psychic Empathic Feeler. My abilities allow me to pick up information and feelings from people. Because of this, I can give you information you want to know about the loved ones and the people in your life as well as financial outlook.I can see future events unfold based on current circumstances. My sense and gifts spiritual guidance will help you to prosper and take that next step in your life.



CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Over A decade full of experence both online and in person, Trained Intuitive Life Coach

Extensive coursework in Remote Viewing.

I am a Third Generation Psychic Spiritualist with more than a decade of professional experience. I am now available at Bitwine for service to help consulting people all over the world.

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29 Jul 2017 unsatisfactory ranking kristie_c94

Very nice. First reading was OKAY. wasted 90% of the PAID time on "personal characteristics" which I found.. Non useful. I came back the same day to finish (was at work) so I decided to give a second chance. First prediction DID NOT PASS. This weekend I was suppose to see "POI" and they'd ask to see me. Has not happened. (If it changes magically by tomorrow I'll change my review) I even emailed him to make sure he was sure he meant this weekend and he said yes. Then when I said it did not happen he said "I am sorry to hear noting happened today. Sometimes there are delays and sadly this feels like the case here. If you would like to come on for a live paid reading this weekend so i can take a look. You are welcomed to do that." REALLY. A LIVE PAID READING?!? All of a sudden there's a delay when hours earlier he was SURE it would happen. Unfortunately he didn't connect to me and I can't get the wasted money back.

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26 Jul 2017 excellent ranking nurse34

He is so wonderful, he has been such a compassionate, accurate guide in my life. He is my go to for accurate reads!

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24 Jul 2017 excellent ranking houseofedwards

I remember two years ago i came to this man. He had all the answers, he gave me a timeframe regarding an ex and it didn't come to pass because I didn't follow his advice. When I returned to him last year, he could see how hurt I was that I ruined things and hoped he'd tell me the spark was still there but he never lied to me, he told me there was no chance. I was hurt and mad. A year later I come to him, why? Because he was right :) this is what readings are all about. It's about uncompromising the truth to set someone free from delusion. This man will NEVER lie to you REMEMBER THAT as he never lied to me and i will ALWAYS be grateful to him for that. You MUST read with Sebastian. I appreciate you more than you'll ever know

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15 Jul 2017 excellent ranking brewlands

Number 1

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10 Jul 2017 excellent ranking nurse34

Always a pleasure

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