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Rev. Rhea Wallace, DD, CH, Psychic Tarot, Empath, Medium, Spiritual writer, therapist, counselor,past life regressionist, Reiki practitioner (multi-dimensional healing) and Light Therapist. As a minister, she also performs ceremonies and spiritual counseling. Her desire is to serve the world by bringing peace of mind to others, relaying messages from spirit and loved ones, and helping others in their spiritual journey.

Rhea also gives transformational soul-level, core-level attunements. Do you need healing in a relationship? Healing in prosperity? Spiritual growth? Healing for career? Healing for Karma? All of these Dr. Rhea does effectively with her assistance of Ascended Masters and Angels. This process will begin to transmute "unwanteds" from your life into the "wanteds" in a half hour to one hour session.

Alternatively, do you have a physical ailment that you are suffering from? Try her multi-dimensional Reiki remote healing. She usually produces remarkable and miraculous results!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Doctor of Divinity (PhD) Certified Past Life Regressionist Certified Hypnotist Certified Tarot Reader Over 38 years of practice in psychic readings, mediumship (talking with spirits, angels, and departed loved ones) Master Reiki healer/practitioner


Over 38 years

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