Third Eye Psychic

Third Eye Psychic


♦ I am a third eye psychic, I have been psychic since I was 6 years old. I have been giving psychic readings for more than 10 years now & I am almost always accurate. I do free connection time & I VERIFY A CONNECTION before I decide to charge you. I do not ever want to waste your money nor steer any of you in the WRONG direction! HOWEVER, I DO NOT GIVE FREE READINGS AND IF I FEEL YOU ARE TRYING TO CHEAT ME, I WILL CLOSE OUT!

♦ I use my third eye to see past, present, or future and I tell you exactly what I am seeing and what it might or might not represent! I can also get into the mind of a lover, a crush, a soul-mate, a twin-flame a sibling, or a friend! I am a star-seed, a psychic, an indigo adult & I use telepathy also to communicate to the one you have in mind.

♦ I do NOT need your BIRTH-DATE. I ONLY need your name.Also, keep in mind that not ALL psychics connect with EVERYBODY, & if I don’t connect with you, I will NOT pretend and take your moneys worth!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am able to give to you meditations that work! I will teach one specific meditation for twin-flame soul-mates only.

I have been giving psychic readings for years now & I can see, feel, and sometimes hear what others are trying to communicate to you.


Over 10 years of experience with psychic readings!


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