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Psychic Coaching is the combination of Professional Life Coaching and Psychic Counseling.I combine spiritual principles as the guideline and foundation for conscious creation. I use My psychic abilities to uncover and reveal issues, patterns, and beliefs as well as life purpose, vision, and direction. Then, I use my life coaching skills to move the process into a plan of action to fully realize the end result.

In the Psychic Coaching process, you set an intention to make a distinct transformation in one or more areas of your life and design it from the inside out. Through our Psychic Coaching and Teleseminar programs, you get the opportunity to redesign your life in whatever area you choose.

Psychic Coaching may include, but are not limited to, obtaining clarity about your heart’s desire, creating a channeled vision for your career/life, setting specific goals and developing an action plan, exploring ideas and revealing creative solutions, uncovering and overcoming obstacles releasing any blocks.

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