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I am able to provide readings on a wide variety of areas, though my specialty is relationships—when you need to know how someone feels about you and where you stand with them in love in love/work-career.

I also am able to read shapes/colors/emotions thru the energy around you (aura reading)I can do this in chat with or without a photo. This ability provides great insight into the heart of the matter for you.

I am non-judgmental and open to all sorts of questions. Please know that I am not a reader that will tell you what you want to hear, tho I am extremely compassionate and want to help you find the best solution to your problems.

You can come to me on certain issue ….


• You are having feelings for someone but are unsure of the feeling of the other, I will tell you about the intentions and the true potential of the relationship.

• You are caring deeply have been cut off emotionally and is not getting on communication, and then I will see to the situation and if possible make t

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Born Psychic. Blessed with the abilites from my ancestors.

I am a natural born Psychic reader and I have vast experience in Indian, Chinese, Vedic Astrology. I meditate and use the help of spirits and holy water. I strongly believe in the Spirituality and power behind the Tarot Cards and most important of all I believe in God almighty. I can remove all negative energy and bring good things back into your life. I can guide you spiritually and give you advice related to Marraige, Love, Relationships etc as I have the Psychic ability to guide you, to love, peace and happiness. I have mended many broken relationships and marriages. I have never left anyone puzzled or confused after having a simple reading with me.


I’m an experienced and accurate psychic .I will give you straight-forward and honest answers to help you find the truth of your situation and peace of mind.

I’ve been clairvoyant, clairaudient, and empathic since I was a child, by this I can easily gather information by “seeing,” “hearing” and “feeling” the people and situations in your past, present, and future. I also have an extremely strong empathic sense, so I can help you to know what others are feeling.

I have a very high accuracy rate as the result of years of study and training. No psychic is 100% accurate, because the future isn’t set in stone. This means you can often change the future by understanding your thoughts, feelings, and actions and those of the people around you. I can help you with this, and with seeing what obstacles stand in the way of achieving your goals and desires .

Must remember :- I honor and respect all spiritual paths seeking light, love, and truth. The combination of my natural psychic ability, professional training with spiritual background makes me capable enough to provide you the best, accurate and detailed answers to help you achieve your goals.

I expect that my clients want accuracy, clear simplicity, honesty, and efficiency, and these are my guiding principles for every call.

If you think I can help, please give me a call, you won’t be disappointed.

If I am unavailable , please arrange a call .

Please approach the reading with an open mind and not with an attitude of “test me.”

"May all the brightest blessings come in your way "

"Please don’t forget to rate the sessions after you call"

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02 Nov 2018 excellent ranking deloris

Well as I always said, CosmicConnection is the psychic for me. I don't know about anyone else but she connects to my situation very well. I wish that I had more funds to speak to her, because I didn't get all of my questions answered but I will call again when I have more funds. Thanks again CosmicConnection for another great read.

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01 Nov 2018 excellent ranking deloris

I have been waiting forever for CosmicConnection to return. She seems to be the only one lately who can connect strongly to me and my POI. She has been away for a long while and I just found her on here today. I sure hope she don't leave a long time again. She is my go to when I need some reassurance. I will most definitely be calling her again. Thank you so much CosmicConnection for being on here today and being of so much help. I wish I had more funds. Thank you.

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09 Sep 2018 excellent ranking deloris

CosmicConnection was great once again. I really and truly love my readings with this woman. I don't know about anyone else, but she is a great reader and she can truly see. I am so glad that she is on Bitwine. She is one of the few readers that I look forward to speaking with. If I had more money, I would speak to her longer but my funds have been a little low lately. I truly appreciate you CosmicConnection. Do not leave this site. I need to speak with you on occasions because I just need a friend to help me with some questions that arises every now and then. Thank you so much. I will certainly call again. That, you can be certain of. Goodbye for now.

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04 Aug 2018 excellent ranking deloris

I really and truly enjoy speaking with CosmicConnection. I believe that she is my personal psychic. I don't know why she doesn't get that many calls, because she is the Best in my book and she is not color coding anything. This woman is my favorite on here. She is my go to. I will definitely be back. If I am the only one who calls her. Then I am a lucky person. I wish I had more funds because I would speak to her for hours. When I get more funds, I just might do that. Thank you so much CosmicConnection. You are the BEST! I will call again.

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29 Jul 2018 excellent ranking rickrick

very good

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