Hey there everyone! Readings to registered users! I offer the solutions suited to the individual at any given moment. My job is to offer guidance and to provide clarity as a Pyschic on Bitwine I use Enochion Cards, White Rider Tarot Deck, Doreen Virtues Mermaids and Dolphins Cards, Romance Angel Card and for a one card reading Teen Angels

I will not ask for your bday, only your name(nickname is optional too, this helps a conversation roll as i like my guests to feel welcome :D)

You may ask me any question regarding the following:

Spirit Guides Love and Romance Finances General Lifestyle Spritualism

I can also channel messages from Sprit guides at any point in your reading

Conditions are as follows:

I ask that you remain patient and polite I need time to answer you question one at a time. I will only tell you what i see, hear and feel. Not what you want to hear

Underline advice : I will tell you what you need to hear rather than what you want.

Thank you Love and Light


I have been using tarot and have been a practioner of Wicca since I was 13. I have read for many people including Teens through to adults.

I inherit my abilities from my grandmother and my mother since birth, they have been able to see and communicate with the other side on the occasion. I can connect to guides but i will not connect to loved ones who have passed on for many reasons

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