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We all have troubles in life, but how many of us can afford a licensed psychologist? How many of us can afford a professional psychotherapist that has years of experience? Not as many as some may think. I am not a licensed psychologist or even a psychotherapist that has years of experience. I currently hold a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited school. I have helped others with the knowledge I have gained, many who like my thoughts on ways to deal with stress and problems in their life. Being that I am not a licensed mental health professional, I can offer my services at a much lower rate of twenty five cents per minute. I take an ecclectic approach when helping others to help themselves. What does these mean? I tend to look at life’s problems from various viewpoints. I coach the person in order to approach life’s problems with the best approach for them.

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Bachelor of Art, Psychology


Worked 6.5 years total in mental health field serving individuals with Mental Retardation and Developmental Disorders. Worked four months in a psychiatric facility providing general and direct care services. I have spent one year overseas, 11 months in combat zone.

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