**All Readings Start When Payment Has been Received. First 3 Mins Are Introductory ONLY For Name ,D.O.B’s And Asking Of First Question.

I Am A Licensed Mind ,Body And Spirit Reader. Also Tarot, Crystal Ball, Ruins, Past Life And More. I Will Tell You What Is On There Mind. How They Truly Feel. Why They Have Not Called, Text,Emailed, etc.

Call Now For The Most In-Tune Informative Reading You Will Ever Hear!

Ask About specialty readings or healing’s: What’s on the mind:

What’s the true heart:

Changes to be corrected:

connection to be seen by both:

I do NOT Preform Love spells, witch craft, potions, or any other un natural or forceful actions of any kind , for any reason or matter .

All Readings/Talks Are Personal And Confidential. I Can also Give You An In Depth Reading In regards To Your most Important Questions. Readings:

Tarot Psychic Crystal Ball energy Candle.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

*In My Reading’s I Do not play guessing games, I am a honest friendly and straight forward reader. I tell you what I see. not "just what you wanna hear to make you happy" I wright this cause Ive come across a few clients who get angry when I Tell them My Insight. If this is the Case then we will not Make a good Connection. Love and Light.I Am a B>P>I Certified And Proven Psychic.


I’m Maryanne. I Live In Northern California. I’ve Been Giving Readings And Counseling friend’s, And Help To Those In need Since I Was Just 6 Years Old. I Would Love To Help Or Guide Some Of You In The Right Path. We All Run In to Blocks Now And then But Let’s Figure A Way To The Nearest Light. Hope To Speak With You Soon! Love And Light , Maryanne

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