Hi, I’m theresa, I specialize in all matters of love and relationships. Maybe you just need some answers to the questions that are keeping you up at night.. Dose the one I love really love me.. where is my soulmate?... why am i so unhappy? or perhaps you need imformation about the people in your life, who is honest and who is not. Knoweledge is power. Stop worrying and wondering I can tell you everything you want to know,Stop waiting for things to change together we can change things. I have been helping people for 45 years I have experience and strong ability.I will answer all of your questions befor you even ask them, through my psychic insight I will be able to see what the problems in your life are, where they are coming from and how to eliminate all obstacles in your path.Through my spiritual work I will help you to clear all negative energies that are causing confusion and chaous in your life. There is no heart so sad that I cannot bring joy to. I have helped thousands of lost lonly people find happine

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I have been training to develop my psychic ability since i was 5, i am 60 years old now. I am a licensed Psychic and have an actual place of buisness, I see clients in person as well as on the phone and online and have been accredited as a psychic counselor. I have been doing work as a marriage and family counselor for over 40 years, my psychic ability helps me get to the source of the problems quickly, it dose not take years of therapy, only a few sessions.

I have been working as a psychic advisor and a marriage and family counselor for 45 years.
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