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Syed Mohammed Faraz Ul Haq ...

Psychic Zareni


I offer honest insight in:

· Relationships – Love, Marriage, Divorce, Re-uniting Lovers

· Spiritual Atonement – Inner Peace

· Angelic Messages – Psychic Visions, and answers you seek

· Reiki & Meditation – Healing of the Mind and Body, Balancing of Chakras

· Personal Growth – Spiritual Growth, Finding the hidden self and true meaning

· Emotional Behaviour Patterns Why does this pattern continue to happen? How Can I better myself in this situation? "Our words can be our own worst enemy creating "cause and effect" learn to control your own behavioural patterns."

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

5th generation psychic born with natural gifts inherited from both parents. I have spent many years with honorable Gurus and family members to polish my skills and grown up as an ESP, Psychic, Clairvoyant, Intuitive, , Preaudient, Empath, Spiritual Healer & Advisor. I posses 12 years extensive experience with satisfied clients all over the world on renowned and famous online networks. I give reading through my spirits and angels guides that detects messages from your energy circles and guides. I am a God gifted psychic and spiritual healer. I have been working professionally for many years. This gift was given to me to help you see how your life might develop in the future. I specialize in love and relationships, career and finance, and can see into your past, present, and future. I will help you understand your relationship and tell you if it is the right one for you. I am blessed with the ability to see events and dynamics in relationships which will enable you to make the correct choices for your life.


I have been a professional reader in all the major systems of divination in the western world. I am proficient in Tarot , Astrology, Psychic Reading, Love&Relationship, as well as clairvoyant.

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