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I am certified in Reiki 2 and Gemstone Healing. I do NOT use any tools in my readings!
My Abilities:
To help you with all that life brings your way, I am able to ‘see’ what is currently taking place in your life, what has happened and what is on your path as you continue forward. I am an empath, which enables me to feel the emotions that you are going through and what those around you are feeling; I am clairvoyant, so I can ‘see’ what is happening or what will happen through visions; I am clairaudient, which enables me to ‘hear’ what is taking place, or what will take place.

Even though I may see something coming to pass in the future, we all have the free will to change the outcome. The future is NOT set in stone, you have the power to change yours!

My Story:
I have always been psychic. I was born with my abilities and predicted many outcomes in my life and in those around me and was never surprised when they came to pass. Now my life’s calling is to use my abilities to help others.

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