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Vivah Aurora

Astrology, Tarot, Numerology, Clairvoyant, Remote viewing, Kabbalah,and Healing modalities


I have 30 years experience in psychic indrusty, as Claivoyant Visionary Astrologer, and i can bring the best out of you, when Life is failing you, with empathy and sensitivites to your problem. My speciality is Relationships and Romanse,i have God given gift to know past,present and future, you have arived on your Destination, now and always here for YOU! ps. Sorry I don’t do e-mail, only tel. calls.

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5 years in Metaphysical studies with "Golden Dawn"London England ( Astrology, Tarot ,Numerology, Qabbalah, Healing modalities, ceremonial magic)Remote Viewig, with Morehouse Production, Reconnective Healing with Dr.Eric Pearl, 1,2,3 levels of BioGeometry (secret Bioenergy) with Dr.Ibrahim F. Karim, Cairo, Egypt. Theta Healing all stages of advanced DNA Instructor, and Intuitive Anatomy with Vianna Stibal USA. I also continue with Metaphysical education.


30 years in Psychic industry, as professional Astrologer and Tarot reader

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Languages: english

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Local Time: (GMT-05:00) August 20, 2018, 10:52PM

Location: Mississauga, ont.  (Find on Google Maps)

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