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Due to Cerebral Palsy, John’s typing speed is delayed.

In a mediumistic reading John will connect with a Loved One of yours that has passed on to the spirit world, in this reading John will bring through evidence that you will recognize to help you to know that life truly does go on. In an Intuitive Reading, John will connect with your Spirit Guides to bring you the guidance that will help you on your path. This reading is meant to give you some insight into different parts of your life. It is also meant to give you suggestions about what you can do to make the right future for you.

John has Cerebral Palsy which does cause a delay in his typing. John does do chat sessions and E-mail session. Please note that chat sessions lasts for at least an hour. Due to John’s typing speed, sessions may go over an hour, because of this situation John does not charge per minute. To book your session, please email John to set up the day as he does not hang online waiting for readings to come in.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

John has studied this work with several teachers and he looks forward to continuing studying for here on out.

John has studied with several teachers from different countries such as, England, Canada, and America. Below are some of John’s teachers.

Brian Robertson

Simon James

Lisa Williams

Rita Berkowitz

Maureen Hancock

Shari Johnson

Liam Galvin


John is an Intuitive Medium, he first noticed his intuitive ability when he was 3 years old. John wanted to sleep on the living room floor and every night for one year he used to see cars speeding by the living room in the kitchen as if the kitchen was a highway, which was very scary. It wasn’t until John was older when he learned that the cars were energy imprints. At the age of five when he would hear someone say the word "psychic" he felt a memory being triggered off. John now knows that as a little boy when he heard someone say "psychic" he was remembering something from his life blueprint.

As John grew up over the years he had more and more experiences with the Spirit World. One of John’s experiences happened at his brother-in-law’s wake. As much pain as John and his family was in at that time, and without knowing how or why he had this information, John knew his brother-in-law’s spirit was at the wake. Three weeks later John was staying in a hotel and as he was dozing off that night he saw his brother-in-law come around the corner, lean over the bed and started talking to John.

When John’s grandmother continued on to the Spirit Realm in 2007 he saw her at her funeral. After John saw his grandmother, he knew he had to fine tune his ability. He didn’t know where to start so he asked his spirit guides to lead him down the path of development. His guides led him to his first mediumship class.

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