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Do you feel confused about your personal Life/Love-life? Feeling like you are at a cross road, Unsure to where you are heading or how to change it. With my Emphatic Psychic Reading I can help you find your way. I will analyze your questions and issues with complete Dedication,Compassion and Non- Judgmental sessions I have been blessed with rare gifts such as

Clairvoyance(SEEING)Empathetic(FEELING) Clair-audience (HEALING)

this allows me to connect into a persons Mind , Heart , & Sub-conscious. My methods are to give you what I see and feel to show you your path and help you change certain situations and help make decisions for you to benefit, I answer following questions like:

♥ Does this Person have Feelings for me? ♥ What does she/he think about me? ♥ Will my Marriage/Relationship last? ♥ Will we be able to Reunite? ♥ Will I ever find my Soulmate? ♥ Is my partner faithful to me? ♥ Will I have a change in career?

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified and tested 97.8% Accuracy at University Berkeley Metaphysics and Astrology curriculum for Reki Healings, Empathetic, Clairvoyance, Life Coach also doing Career Coaching. Licensed Psychic Boutiques in Phoenix AZ & Rolling Hills CA


I have mastered my gift of channeling for over 20 years. My dedication and persistence has enabled me to bring light to thousands of peoples paths. My gifts are from birth as my Mother and great Grandmother were Psychics, I ussualy dont use tools in my work just pure spiritual connection… But if requested I may use several energy Modalities, always with regard to your needs and higher Guidance, Such as Tarots, Crystals, Runes, Energy-Stones, Tea leaf & Turkish Coffee Readings, Chakra Healings & Crystal Ball.

I have studied for 11 yrs under some of the worlds strongest gurus through out India and North America and discovered spiritual breakthroughs and helped thousands of clients from there. I also do Spiritual Healings & Spell work if requested.

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