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☼ I have many abilities that I have mastered over the years. I do not have to prove anything before paying. As most of my readings are around 3 minutes long. Believe in me before requesting. NO free readings! ☼



Please take the time a read over my least clients have to say about myself and about how I perform. I will be straightforward to tell you what I see and hear. When I do a reading I do get deep down and tell you what a chosen one of Gods helpers would tell you. I can help though almost all life’s challenges. Also give your insight on information you probably did not know. If a situation is rough or tight let me get you on right pathway! Let the universe please you today!

I always use my abilities to do all my readings. I take time and give in prayers for all clients to be successful in all lifes awakings. But do note that not everyone can connect to me. You can always choose another adviser that can connect with you and your needs. I hope you can understand. Thank you

Please read down on requested readings i do now below

On bitwine since: Nov 07 2011


CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

All readings I always request your name and either a question or a subject to begin each reading. Also Birthdays are required for all readings!

Requested Services all for Dependable Prices

☪ Psychic Readings ☀ Use my abilities to do a psychic reading means NO TOOLS

☪ Life Purpose & Money Readings ☀ I would tell you how to manifest it with the angels towards your pathway

☪ Love & Romance Readings ☀ I can see what the angels are warning you on your path towards romance. How, When and Why

☪ Spirit readings ☀ Wondering what is your spirit guide is warning you of?

☪ Chakra Healing ☀ Need to balance out your chakras?

☪ Meditation ☀ I can tell you a meditation to use for your situation

Past Life Readings Tell you if your going thru a past-life regression.

Karmic Readings This is my most popular reading

Astrology Reading Where i look at your chart and see what could happen with you!


Psychic Jessica

Shes a Gemini with a raising of Cancer. Also she has a Libra moon. This is something about her you should know. If you know astrology. Note: In astrology shes considered "Psychic by God" on her astrology charts. As well shes a master number in numerology which is number 11 that makes her the "most intuitive". If you know something about numerology. She was also born the year of the snake. In Chinese Astrology shes has Earth Snake with Metal Dragon rising. Also a big believer of the "law of attraction" as in keyword "karma" in life. She takes time and gives all information as the clients ask and also prayers to see there lives be as beautiful as hers. Candle is always light for each client. This is the prayer i do. I have done research to tell you who I am about and how can I help you. Most people doesn’t do this. So beware!!

She survive deaf at the age of 3. As well close death at the age of 4. So God Has Blessed Her In Many Ways.

Studying in:

Certified Angel Card Reader

Certified Assertiveness Coach

Certified Reiki

Certified Life Coach

My Intuition Helps Me To Help YOU! With ANGEL GUIDES

Here is Jessica Raven Abilities;

╰☆╮Mediumship ~ Ability to use the spirit as the media

╰☆╮Clairvoyance ~ Ability to see the events happening in other places

╰☆╮Psychometri ~ Ability to dig through an object

╰☆╮Empathy ~ Ability to pick up energies around a person

╰☆╮Precognition ~ Ability to predict events to come

╰☆╮Automatic Writing ~ Ability to write something down and to be aware of it

╰☆╮Channeling ~ Ability to channel into your situation

╰☆╮Angel Identify ~ Ability identify an angel that you would like information

LEGAL DISCLAIMER (Fine Print Required) You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this reading, All Readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only. Information provided by the reader is not to be substituted for professional, legal and or medical advice. No Guarantees are offered and all sales are final. If you’re reading this you are agreeing that you are hold responsible for your own actions and your free will. The reader is not hold accountable what happens after the reading takes place.

No Refunds to Be Given To Any Kind of Reading. Reminder when you come to a reader it is your own risk. Never compare psychics we all have different gifts for a reason. You also have to be honest with yourself before coming to a reading. This is only to help you with your decisions and give you guidance to your goals. The guideline to this reader is read the fine print above. She never go against your believes and free will. She has read for rich and also famous. Helped out psychics with different networks. She’s a star in radio shows and more coming up.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call, Video Call

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