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I provide tarot readings using Tarot of the Old Path. I can do a small spread if your question is simple, or a more in-depth reading if that is your desire.

I have been working with tarot for a few years, gaining a deeper connection with the cards as time passes. I pride myself on having good intuition, and the ability to build a connection with those I have just met.

Tarot is a guide, not a magic wand to solve your problems. Picture yourself heading down a dark hallway, with different doors around you. Tarot can be the flashlight to enlighten you on your current location, the map to give you direction.

NO ONE CAN GUARANTEE 100% ACCURACY! The future is always moving and changing. Any small event may trigger a series of changes to your path.

This means that bad news is not set in stone. Tarot does not tell you what you want to hear, and neither will I. If I see something negative, I will tell you. But I will also help to guide you through it, and help you to overcome it.

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