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Since the age of 6 I have been consciously aware that when a soul passes from the earth plane to the spirit plane, they simply change forms; from physical to pure spiritual. The connection and love they have with us is constant and forever; they are a part of your soul family. They have been with you since time began and they will continue with you through the span of lifetimes to come. Knowing this is comforting… at some point. But until there is comfort there is pain in missing them, in aching for their presence, in feeling that what you want to say cannot be said. But that is a misconception; for they never leave you but instead become a part of your family who watches, guides, and protects you from the other side. When a love one passes, the trauma and confusion that we feel can be over-whelming. The emotions and growths that we go through as we put our life in perspective can be confusing. The messages that they can offer you, through me, can be inspiring and a soothing balm.

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