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Dorothy Ely



Hello, I am a gifted spiritual advisor that can guide & direct you through any situation in your life. I use tools to pick on specific detail, but my true born gift of intuition and natural instinct to advice you on anything, I’m here to advise you through it. I can ensure the answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. In all readings I can provide names, dates, and places, tapping into past present and future. Even able to look into Past Lives! I offer energy readings to look into your spiritual side focusing on your 7 chakras, or a loved ones spiritual side. I offer special prayer & mediations for all clients,Removing love blocks If your wondering, Is He/She the one? Are we soulmates/Twinflames? Why cant I move on? Can they be trusted? Will Money get better? What is my career path? Is my friends loyal? Is my loved one crossed over? Is their energy around me? whatever your question is I can answer Even if you just want a general read no problem at all.Contact me today!

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I work in my liscensend office doing readings with my mother.


I have been helping people world wide for over 15 years. I am the famous madam Marie’s granddaughter from asbury park , the temple of knowledge booth is still standing as I do readings there today in my second office.

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