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Ask me Ill tell you! For almost 30 years I have provided services using a broad selection of of tools. Dream interpretation can be very revealing in your everyday dramas. Before the communication era we relied on them to guide us. So what are yours saying to you? When you ask to have your dream interepreted write down as much of it as you can before hand. Colours, items, scents (if you get them,) elements (fire,water,wind,earth) are important markers.
I do a type of auto writting that discribes where you are and where your going, it also allows me to see others in your life rather clearly. Its all in the name but not numerology. The cards I use are The Cagliostro deck which is italian.
I am also interested in you spiritual developement providing guidance with how you can grow.
With 30 years of experience I offer a variety of options to explore and guide you through you moments of needing direction.
In Light & Love Marilyn

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