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Personal Relationship Coach: Your Partner in Positive Change

No field of human interaction is more fraught with possible complications and misunderstandings than the area of dating and personal relationships. Just as in other types of human endeavor, finding the right mentor for your interpersonal relationships can help you achieve your goals and better understand yourself, your significant other, and the people around you. Many people consult their circle of friends, relatives, or colleagues for advice on matters of the heart. While friends and family may be able to offer moral support in romantic matters, they are understandably biased in your favor. As a result, they cannot provide the objective analysis and counsel that a professional dating and personal relationship coach can offer you in dealing with your interpersonal relationships.

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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major in Business Management (BSBA-BM).


Personal Relationship Coach: Your Partner in Positive Change

Personal guidance
As your personal development coach, I will work with you step-by-step to help you develop the emotional and social skills necessary to build real, lasting interpersonal and romantic relationships. Unlike friends and family who may only tell you what they think you want to hear, I can be objective and honest about your situation and help you overcome the obstacles you yourself place in the way of relationship success, whether those relationships are with friends, family members, or prospective romantic partners. By working together, we can identify destructive patterns of behavior and help you learn positive new social skills that can help you change your life for the better.

Listening is the key
After we’ve discussed your goals and objectives, I can give you personalized advice on your unique situation. Most importantly, I will really listen to you and work on resolving your difficulties and concerns and teach you how to resolve them. Anyone can comfort you with platitudes and “one size fits all” advice; as your mentor, I will work with you on the problems you face with honesty and straight talk, not clichés. By listening to you and addressing your specific problems, I can teach you the life skills and attitudes that will help you help yourself and create good interpersonal skills that will serve you in good stead in relationships in the future.

Taking responsibility
Learning to own your own behaviors and choices is one of the most important steps toward growth and change. As your personal relationship coach, I will work with you to build your confidence, self-esteem, and ability to take responsibility for your actions. By determining the areas where you surrender responsibility to others, together we can identify the parts of your life and behavior that need improvement.

Put the plan into action
Once we have identified the areas that need improvement, I will help you construct a plan to break the cycle of self-defeating behaviors and achieve your relationship goals. By mentoring you and offering positive reinforcement for your personal successes, I can help you effect real change in your interactions with friends, family members, and romantic partners. With your sincere commitment and my expertise, we can achieve your relationship goals together.

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