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Tarot Reader lL0tus


I am a honest, kind, and very open person. I accept all individuals and will be glad to work with just about everyone. Reading tarot has always been an interest of mine since I was very little. As I grew I noticed my readings only became more and more accurate and so I decided to share what little knowledge I have with the world, or rather bitwine customers. I specialize in love and relationships, money/finances, and self-knowledge readings.

I also cast spells for cleansing, love, money, and guidance. I WILL NOT charge you $1,500 as some psychics do. It is utterly ridiculous how they assume the whole world can afford those digits. My fee isn’t even half of that! What I require is just $15.00 for materials. Literally. I don’t make a profit off of spell-casting simply because I don’t see the reward in it. If the spell materials end up costing me less than $15.00 I’ll refund you the difference (prices change with my supplier depending on the make/demand of an item.)

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Seven years of reading for family, friends, and customers. I hope to build a reputation on here also. Blessed Be.


I know this isn’t experience but I ran out of space to mention this. IF you believe you are under any type of curse/hex or negative influences please do contact me. I’ll do whatever I can to be-rid of ‘it’ at NO COST! I have a lot of supply for these types of spells, so in turn I do not require costs for material.

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Local Time: (GMT-05:00) July 20, 2018, 10:18PM

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19 May 2010 excellent ranking will (unregistered)

the reading was good. most things accurate. she took her time but once charging began she went very quickly. fast typer. Over all, great reader

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