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I am a skilled Tarot and Oracle Card Reader, I am also intuitive and am a natural born empath as well, meaning I pick up on emotions, or blockages in a person’s life, that keep the situation from moving forward positively. I consider myself a spiritual advisor and focus on what’s going on in the past and present and how the future will be because of it, because I do not consider myself a fortune teller. I tell you the honest truth on what I see, if I see a bad outcome, or a huge amount of obstacles, I will tell you as I do not sugar coat or just tell you what you want to hear. Also, there are times where the reading is not a straight yes or no answer. I will advise you if this happens.

Style of Reading

I do my readings with either the Mother peace Tarot Deck, Ask Your Guides Oracle Deck, or The Witches Tarot Deck, depending on which deck I feel more connected with at the time I do your reading.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

God gifted psychic power and have been working with the public for 10 years and I have been working as psychic medium and advisor from much time. I am a facilitator that can help you see and understand what is going on in your life or why it is happening. I can assist you in making wise choices in your life; which will help you create harmony and balance in your life. See yourself achieving prosperity, live in comfort and develop a level of patience by knowing in confidence you are completing your goals.
.I use these God gift to work directly with your Guides ~ giving you divine guidance and insight in any area of your life (including love, money & career). I’ll tell you exactly what’s on his/her mind and in his/her heart! I am always honest and I don’t sugar coat things, so please be prepared to hear the truth – even if it isn’t necessarily what you want to hear. If you are looking for “fairy tales”, then I am not the psychic to call. The old saying is true ~ you get what you pay for ~ so, please don’t let


I am a true born psychic and come from a tradition of religion and spirituality. At a young age I was told I would be helping others and since then have a tuned my Divine given powers through study and development courses. My gift is God given and I seek to share this blessing and empower all those that I come into contact with to lead a more fulfilled life, where you can always create a more positive outcome..
Over a decade of experience in Psychic reading. – Have been an empathetic psychic all my life. A Born psychic Have many years of experience with witchcraft. After your reading, please reflect honestly on your reading & then rate our call & leave written feedback! All feedback is welcome & appreciated, positive or negative, as long as it is accurate & fair. If you choose me as your advisor you will not regret it. I am very understanding and non- judgmental. Come and give me a try!

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