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Psychic Spiritualist,Advisor in all of one's concern's of life love,marriage,finances,family,spiritual illness...ect


Discover in just one session how the quality of your energy & chakra color’s are affecting the quality of your life and how balancing and aligning yours can enhance your,emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health.

So you can achieve more and emerge stronger in your effort’s towards your relationship’s, finance’s, addiction’s and goal’s in life. You will get answer’s to your question’s of life. Not just prediction’s, but actual change and relaxation for life.

Because life can be a beautiful thing when you make the right choice’s and you can do just that by removing negative energy and replacing it with positive energy, so that you can recognize the opportunity’s that lie in front of you and by understanding the strength you have gained from your obstacle’s/disappointment’s Instead of feeling hopeless because you have lost faith in yourself and belief in your effort’s toward your want’s and need’s. So stop settling and start making a difference!
CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

licensed life coach Reiki master as well as a professional astrologer.


I have over 20 years experience of being a telephone and online psychic energy reader.

For a little under 10 years I am a successful owner of my own psychic energy source Studio, with currently two locations in the Midwest I’m proudly living and serving my purpose as a gifted intuitive psychic energy healing empath/clairvoyant. And a licensed life coach Reiki master as well as a professional astrologer.

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