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I have a rough road that I’ve traveled down and is now behind me. I was born with an eye disease that made it difficult for me to find a good career. I spent my first 7 years after high school struggling to find my place in the world. Not just for my career but for my life as well.

Right after high school I went to college and flunked out. I wasn’t ready for it at all. With no work experience I had to live off of disability and it wasn’t much. I found myself donating plasma twice a week and barely living off the money to pay rent and food. It’s a situation I never want to experience again.

Life tought me many things and my knowledge can help enyone find thier place. If I did it anyone can. Now I’m off the disability and I have a nice career. I’ve found love of life and the love of my life.

What I can do is be a guide to your life and help you practically or spiritually find the right path.

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