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This is for past life readings ONLY. The Talk therapy is part of the past life session!! The answers are inside you to all your questions.Many times what we want to hear and what we need to hear are very different. In exploring the answers within you it will enable you to be your own best guidance. Together we can talk through the issues in your life and YOU can come to the answers yourself. Learn to channel. Yes you can learn to channel. Together we will walk through the few easy steps so you can get the information you want and need. Let go of your money issues. Learn to let them flow freely through out your life. Write in and we will go through some steps that will aide you in releasing your blocks on creating abundance in your life.

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I am a Grand Master Reiki Practitioner. I also have many years of experience and am certified in many fields of Spirituality. I have a great love for people and want to aid everyone in finding their own nich in spirituality. Email counseling is a special deal… Including but not limited to, Dream interpretation, Energy healing, EFT, Guided meditation, herbal remedies, Spiritual and Relationship Counseling, Energy readings, Reiki healing, Ect. Please leave a message if you can’t reach me I have some great email deals… I am certified in many areas of the Spirituality field. I have been attuned to Grand Master Reiki Level 9, am currently working with ADHD children. Energy healer, Spiritual and Relationship counselor, Dream analysis, Psychic development, ECT.


Certified in many areas. Most currently working with removing money blocks. Some times we just need to hear the truth.. A wake up call to guide us in the right direction..I am actively teaching and attuning people in Reiki. I also am beginning to teach The Understanding of Tarot, Correllian and dream analysis. Certified Life Coach, Sprititual Counselor, Relationship Conselor. Accredited through RH,WMA, INHA, and RM Leave me a message don’t miss out on the awesome email deals I am offering for a limited time… Let’s see what you have to look forward too in the coming year…. together we can examine your paths ahead….

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22 Dec 2009 excellent ranking sdub (unregistered)

Great, straight-forward reading! Thanks, Kalena!

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17 Dec 2009 excellent ranking karen (unregistered)

AWESOME! say no more!

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14 Dec 2009 excellent ranking miss_laura

Once again, I am blown away and astounded by the accuracy, generosity, kindness of this reader. I can not wait to come back and I will definitely put to good use the new skills you have taught me here tonight. Thank you.

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11 Dec 2009 excellent ranking Tam (unregistered)


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08 Dec 2009 excellent ranking miss_laura

This was hands down one of the greatest readings ever. Kalena told me to focus on my question and with no information, not even my name she just started telling me all about myself and let me say - she was VERY accurate. Got every concern on my mind taken care of in this one reading and was very detailed and fast. Thanks - a great reading and well worth the money spent.

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