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My abilities have ALWAYS been with me! It’s just something that’s become so incredibly natural to me. So I think it just gives me the laid back approach to situations people tell me I have. I feel it gives me an advantage to be able to quickly connect to clients and get the reading off and going without wasting anyone’s time or money.

I’m going to tell it like I see it.. I feel it is my responsibility to present you with the insight and information you need in order to have the clarity in the situation you’re asking about, whether it be good or bad at the moment. Life will ALWAYS have its ups and downs, but how you navigate it will be dependent on ANY outcome!

*PLEASE NOTE: If you reject payment verification during our session I will NOT continue with the session and you WILL be blocked!! NO EXCEPTIONS! If you void a payment I WILL report you to Bitwine support for further action!!! Verification is NOT a charge. Please do not go into Paypal and void verification holds!!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Reiki Master – trained with Diane Stein

Member of American Tarot Association

Member of Tarosophy® Tarot Professionals

Circle of Grey Light Council Member/Founder (1991 – 1996)

ULC Ordained Minister (1997)

PAL/PACT State and Midwest Coordinator (1996 – 1999)

Training in numerous metaphysical classes

Professional readings since 1997


I have worked in the public at numerous metaphysical shops and festivals all over the country and am available at various online and phone based agencies. I am also on many prominent web forums and social networking sites where I write about my views, experiences, and provide general help within the metaphysical community!

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30 Jan 2018 unsatisfactory ranking paridhi

She is most insensitive reader. May/may not be accurate one but she doesn’t have a heart for sure. yes I apologized that if I hurt her feelings or something and thought of giving her second chance. But it was a MY MISTAKE. she has to understand that even she can be wrong and reading her reviews even she has cases where prediction DID NOT happen. She knows things are fluid and keep changing. the thing that I really didn't like that after confronting her he is being rude to me, she on purpose gave me false information just to spite me. Please respect YOUR GIFT Ms Andi and don't abuse or misuse it. God is watching!

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26 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking sbe333

What Andi had to tell me has not come to pass. I was supposed to hear from someone by this past weekend because he needed my assistance on something but that didn't happen. Sorry for the negative feedback....

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02 Jun 2017 unsatisfactory ranking espy284

I asked her specific questions regarding career. She literally typed "you have free will and all that jazz". DUH LADY I know I CAN do what I want, I need to know what's most advantageous. Do not contact this one for predictions or accuracy. I would've felt better just guving her the 10 bucks. Don't waste your time folks.

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29 Apr 2017 unsatisfactory ranking tonypetersamuel

prediction did not pass and blocked when questioned. absolute cow

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06 Dec 2016 unsatisfactory ranking e87j

I felt she was making things up as she went along, told me i was having a baby boy when im actually having a girl too much guess work!

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