Amanda Walden

Balance, Harmony and Insight


Harmony in one’s life can sometimes be a difficult and misleading path. Sometimes the choices we make seem to be right at the time but bring results that were not what we desired. Sometimes the most difficult problems have the simplest answers while the most basic things are the most complex of all to fully understand.

Troubles in relationships both personal and professional, spiritual needs and self fulfillment all link to these principles regardless of your creed or religion.

I can help bring balance and insight into your life so that you may achieve harmony in all things.


Since I was young, I have been often told I have the gifts of insight and perception, that I see things perhaps in a broader spectrum than most. I have always been the person my friends and family come to for advice. I have been a practitioner of Taoism for 10 years and these beliefs have only strengthened those intrinsic qualities. I meditate often and benefit greatly from these sessions.

I am not a tarot card reader or astrologist like many of my peers on bitwine. Instead, I am able to see things in a more down to earth fashion. I can assist you in finding your own path, mending a troubled relationship or making difficult choices. I can provide advice in all aspects of life with compassion, reason, spirituality and respect.

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