Readings done with compassion and understanding to all your needs. I do not sugar coat but tell it as it is shown to me with spiritual advice from the cards and your birth date if that is what you would like. Dropped price till the end of the year.


I look at all walks of life usually using your date of birth name or the Tarot. I have been reading for many years and read with honesty as I believe it is better to know your ultimate truth than to have things said giving false hope. A reading with me will give you time frames where possible and insight into the best action you can take for the best results. I do specialize in relationship readings however all other readings are available with me as well… We all need to remember that life has choices and your future will depend on how you think and what action you take in life nothing in this life is written in stone your guides are around to work for you so learn how to tap into this with a reading with me.

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Qualified Numerologist and intuitive. Skillful Tarot Reader trained Kabbalist and hold NZ Diploma in Counseling and Master Reiki Healer. 2 decades experience both in training and life skills. I believe to talk the walk you have had to wear the shoes in many experiences of life of which I have done


Life can be quite complex and times but it needn’t be. Are you one that sabotages situations through fear of missing out? Do you enable those close to you by being the one to contact or put the effort in? Are you confused about your path in life?...I can help you get rid of these feelings and get the best out of your relationships People I have read for have said that they find Numerology to be more accurate than other modalities i would have to agree…This is because your birth numbers which includes your birth name and current name if it is different is the bar-code to the soul… Given to you from God before you reincarnate… Your life journey is in-scripted in the numbers that make up your individual blue-print and say more about you and if you want to know about someone else their numbers say more about them than anything else Your life can be mapped out including your karma with another through me looking at your birth numbers… Each day has its own meaning for you wouldn’t you like to learn how to utilize every moment whether it be in your career your relationships or your health. Why not give me a call I am hear to help you make the most out of your journey Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible for the decisions you make from the reading I give you and you must understand that readings are only guidelines as we all have choice.<br>Your Health is very important and it is strongly advised that if there are detrimental health issues you must seek medical help from a professional. This is also advised on legal matters.

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Location: Taranaki New Zealand  (Find on Google Maps)

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01 Jun 2017 excellent ranking dezina

Thank you Joss. Five plus stars.

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29 May 2017 excellent ranking dezina

Thank you. Another clarified reading.

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27 May 2017 excellent ranking dezina

Thank you SoulTruth. You can always rely on her honesty, and no nonsense approach. To add to that, her Reiki Healing is amazing. Please try SoulTruth, you won't be disappointed.

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06 May 2017 excellent ranking dezina

Great thanks

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18 Apr 2017 unsatisfactory ranking end.amaia

Definitely not the reader for me. When asked about a love situation and an eventual relationship or partner in this life, she answers that I create my own life and should chose any other path. This adds insult to injury.

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