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Your Personal Spiritual Tool Box/ Let Me Show You In Demonstrations How You Can ACHIEVE, SUCCEED, CREATE AND ACTIVATE YOUR LIFE PURPOSE, Let Me UPGRADE-YA To Your Spiritual Self With The Same Inherited Abilities I’ve Been Using For 40 years!

I pray for all of you, prosperity, long life, good health, healing, good cheer, and everlasting peace. But above all this, I pray LOVE over your life! VICTORY XOXO

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If the tears would stop, I might be able to type a more deserving review, though I could never do this fascinating and "Treasure in Human Form" justice. She is simply the most authentic, incredibly gifted, and generous person on the planet, and beyond. I have no doubt that there are other gifted people, but none that use their immense talent and power so selflessly, and comfortably as She does. I’ll love you forever my Sweet Victory, and your advice and direction shall always be headed. The love comes through in every word and every revelation..The best medicine! XO

Advisor’s response: Thank you darling-you are always in my prayers :) Direction where to look given in msg OXX


M.A. Metaphysical sciences, SPIRIT led and taught my whole life ever since I was a child at the age of 8. Positive and helpful spiritual readings worldwide and across all cultures for 40 years now.

She was born with the gift of discernment of spirit’s, whether it was of deceased loved ones, spiritual guides, or angelic forces. Victory hails from a family lineage of seer’s, visionaries, mediums, and traditional herbal healers. At 18 months old,her family witnessed her clairvoyant abilities,by naming events before they happened,and names of deceased love one’s,that she never "met".

It became not only apparent , but very natural for Victory to consult her "spirit~cards", as she calls them, because when she reviews your movie of concerns in her mind, the holy spirit moves through her,and gives her validation on names, dates, intentions, remedies, hair and skin color,and spiritual remedies.


My words are like musical notes, but the manifestation is a symphony.

I am human, and make mistakes like every other human out there.

All Mighty God, Holy Spirit, Angels and Divine guides are perfect.

Please don’t expect me to be perfect, or have all the answers for you.

We have free will to choose our own path, therefore, you may hear what I have to say, but never choose to take my advice.

Remember it is your choice to take the advice given. If you decide to call and don’t get the answers you want, please DO NOT rate your call based upon your reaction, but rather on the quality and accuracy of your reading.

I do reveal positive possibilities that inspire people to see their situations in different ways and take charge where they have power and influence. But they do the work because of or in spite of their situations, not me. And therein lies my accuracy.

The Universe guarantees plenty of surprises, so we all have limited control over many events in our lives, but we have unlimited potential concerning how we interpret matters, and thus how we act, react, and grow. And therein lies our real power.

In many ways, one teaches what one wants to know and understand. I want to know where and how I’m most empowered, how to deal with life’s constant curve balls, what stage in my mental, physical and spiritual evolution I’m going through, how to make the best decisions, and on and on.

I find it interesting, and even ironic, that the Universe empowers me to offer other people what I seek to know about myself. This certainly adds to why I am ‘accurate,’ but in the end the people for whom I read are the creators of my accuracy, as they bring into manifestation that which happens.

Helping a family of Clients/Friends worldwide for 40 years.

Corporate & Celebrity Clients

International VIPs – Positive people from all walks of life most welcomed & helped.

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19 Sep 2016 excellent ranking india20

i can't explain how accurate she is and how what she says comes to pass but it does. She is a guiding angel that you must seek out if you want to know the truth

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19 Sep 2016 excellent ranking xsoniyax

This woman sees amazing things for me and we r both praying for these to happen! Had a hard few years but victory understands and will get me through it! She sees light and the end of the tunnels but it's just all about timing X

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18 Sep 2016 excellent ranking india20

she is amazing!!!!

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15 Sep 2016 excellent ranking tiyah08

i if could write a book on v i would this lady is amazing ive been knowing her for years and just got back in contact with her i have waited months just to talk to her i will go to to none other she is worth the wait and very generous with her time she is not like others she is the real deal and worth the wait if you cant get her try again she is worth it and she really cares about her clients she is the truth know things before you even tell her predictions do come true she told me that i was going to have issues at my job and i did my job didn't submit non of my hours to payroll and they wasn't paying me. anyway i am so glad i finally talked with her now we can get things going good for me now and i can have a peaceful life thanks v i love u to the moon and back

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15 Sep 2016 excellent ranking india20

unbelievable - what would I do without you

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