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I have been doing work in life coaching for some time know. Along with my psychic ability, I use the teaching of life coaching to help you get on a better path of your life.

You can have everything you desire. Love, happiness,wealth and great health. All you have to do is get in line with these things in your life. Remember this things:

” Energy Flows where attension goes.”

” Life was not meant to be a struggle” James Ray

I am here to help you see what is coming your way and to teach you to get in line with all of the things you would like.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Experienced reader of the soul for many years now.I help many clients find enlightenment,it is now your turn :-)


Like many true psychics we see and hear things from an early age,sometimes taken as a joke by others it was hard to know if i was normal or not.It took me the best part of my early life to be comfortable with who i am as a person and as a psychic.For sometime now my visions have helped many returning clients,and being an excentric(in eyes of many) all of a sudden is not so bad

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