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I offer a Psychic Readings for yourself or your loved one delivered straight to your e-mail, or Live chat. I have many ways to do a reading, Tarot, Or pure connection. I have many different spirit guides to help get you the answer you desire.

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I have studied many different tarot card decks and used many that I’ve designed myself. I am very accurate and I use the Spirit guides, Ouija Board, and Astrology to answer many complex questions. I have worked in my own offices and made numerous house calls. I have been able to psychically connect and bring peace to a persons life.


I have been reading for friends, family members and business acquaintances for many years. I am told by my clients that I am very accurate, professional, yet down to earth and easy to talk to. I will not tell you what I think you want to hear, I will tell you the honest truth from the cards if its good or bad. OK I sense spirits, I can tell when people are of a positive or negative back ground. I have even been known to save people from a relationship that drains there finances and health. I have cleansed houses from dark demonic forces.
I can help you with any natural or unnatural problems.
I cleanse my deck each time a client is in a session so all my readings are fresh. I close my Ouija Board after each use. It get evoked before each use. I Have experience in these areas for years. Working for hot lines and doing in-person readings has given us the confidence and knowledge you want in a psychic adviser. I hope you and I will become best Friends!

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