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Compassionate, detailed psychic medium. Caring healing life coach. Understanding, honest and types fast.


Due to bookings off Bitwine and a hurricane in my area, I was away for a bit. But I have returned! xoxo. I’m an international psychic medium and healing life coach. I’m completely honest, non judgmental, compassionate and very understanding with everyone I connect with.

I cannot do $5.00 readings and do not allow for $5.00 to be loaded at a time. It’s impossible to do a detailed reading and answer questions in such a short amount of time like that.

Please give time for predictions to unfold loves. It’s important not to focus so much on time frames as they can be a bit tricky. Predictions do need time to manifest.

I type quickly and answer all questions during our session. I don’t provide free readings so please understand that the first 3 minutes are for introduction only. If clarification is needed regarding readings, feel free to ask. Please message me before a reading with any updates you may have. That way we’ll have more time for insight. :)

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The chat system here tends to be slow at times when opening up so please be patient when wanting to connect with me. If we get disconnected, just come back into chat with me and we will pick up where we left off. I want you all to be happy with your readings.

Please also understand that I do not give refunds due to time and energy invested in readings. I also do not tolerate being blackmailed for them as a way to get free readings as I’ve experienced with my 2 negative reviews.

Aside from Bitwine, I also have my own personal website as well as do readings all over. If I’m unavailable when you’re wanting a reading with me, just message me and I will reply right away scheduling a reading with you as soon as possible. You may also look my name up online and like my social media pages where I connect with others regularly. I do also have a fan page that so many contact me through as well.

Please be prepared for the truth during a reading as I am very honest with each person I read for.


I read for many wonderful people from around the world which even include those who work in the entertainment industry on networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN & more. I am certified in energy healing and am also a spiritual life coach that can help guide you on the right path you’re meant to be on in your life. I don’t use any tools when doing readings. The only thing I use are the spiritual gifts I have been blessed with.

I am very down to earth and caring. I truly care about all those that come to me for guidance. My readings are clear and detailed. Please be prepared for the truth when connecting with me. Even if the truth is not what you’d like to hear, I will share it with you in a compassionate way and will provide you with insight on how to better your situation. Please understand that you’re responsible for your own outcomes in your life. Please keep in mind that even time frames can be affected by the changes that take place around you.

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Languages: English & hebrew

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02 Mar 2018 excellent ranking catsun

Such a lovely lady who provides extremely incisive and generous readings that resonate strongly with what facts are known. Thanks so much for your time and will update re. prediction :)

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02 Mar 2018 excellent ranking luisandres

Great reader. Very detailed and caring.

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28 Dec 2017 satisfactory ranking finance3171991

I thought that the reading wasn't bad at all. She does give very detailed and long responses. In many respects the reading did resonate with me and certain things that were said I would say were true. She really tries hard and is a very nice lady.However, I also felt that at times some of her statements were contradictory. I am not quite sure how someone can have romantic feelings for you but actually be friends with you, especially if you like them back too? How can someone love you so much that it scares them but yet question whether they have strong feelings for you? I would say that if someone feels like that there is no question about the strength of their feelings towards you. At the same time she does pick up on some things quite well too. All in all the reading was solid but I feel because of the confusion i left with in certain areas I can only give this a satisfactory rating.

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28 Oct 2017 excellent ranking mpisces

Very calming and compassionate and honest. Will be a repeat customer

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28 Oct 2017 excellent ranking bunkleboothruth

Sorry it cut off! Great as always. Information just flows.Trust this reader 100 percent. Very generous with time. A truely amazing reader and experience.

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