Truthfully giving answers to clients using messages and pictures from guides. No tools will be used, fast typist!
Natural intuitive that uses no tools, just communication from you and my guides. I have been blessed with the ability to see or hear messages to give to you. Although sometimes the messages are not what you WANT to hear, I can assure you that I will deliver them in a gentle (not rude) way. I will always tell you what I see and/or hear and the current path you are on; I will also tell you what will happen if you follow the advice given but you have your own free will.
About timeframes – Timeframes are difficult for anyone to nail down and I DO NOT specialize in giving timeframes but if I am shown a time I will pass this on to you.


Everyone needs help and I am not trying to get rich on offering my help which is why I will do my best to keep my price(s) reasonable. I have always been told I had “the gift” at a very young age, things just seem to come to me that later have proven to be true. I have always given advice to friends, co-workers and family members and finally decided (after several years) to help those in need around the country.

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