Gifted Grace

❤ What does he/she feel about me? What will he/she do? When will he/she do it? OR Ready to Cut the Cord? ........................................... SEE SHAMANIC HEALING BELOW


★ NUMBER ONE PSYCHIC ON GIGMASTERS FOR THREE STATES ★ Born psychic. All ‘clairs.’ 35 years experience. Compassionate. Accurate.

I feel spirits and energy around you. I will tell you what your POI is thinking and feeling and will hold nothing back. I will make behavior suggestions for you to consider to effect the outcome of a situation or relationship. Timelines pop in sentiently, or I see the season/holiday, or one of my guides will tell me the timeline. ⏳

I truly care about my clients, and want them to have love in their lives, a rewarding path in life, and to live and grow to their highest spiritual capacity.

Ask about mediumship. Ancestors often visit.

This month I found a wallet, a pocketbook and a dog!


I was depressed looking for a job. She told me where I could find the job by her description and told me send out my resume. It was so unbelievable because she was so right. FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE THAT A PSYCHIC COULD GIVE YOU AN ACCURATE DESCRIPTION, COLOR, TIME AND PLACE.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Number One Psychic on Gigmasters (for three states for last two years)

Regular 5* reader for top hotlines.

Born psychic. Tested psychic.

Use all the ‘clairs’

BA English & French UVM, MFA Film NYU


I will do a 20 minute journey for you, wherein so much can happen: You may be given gifts, I may find your power animal or other guides, I will retrieve any/all parts of your soul which have fragmented off, and I will heal and cleanse all health problems I come across.

I will cut cords (or strands of them) related to dysfunctional or harmful relationships when found and I will retrieve the answer to the one question of yours which will serve as the intention for my (middle-world to start) journey.

I will then write it down and send it to you. We will also do 5 minute before and after chats for info collection and explanation.

This would need to be scheduled. :-)


42 years certified astrologer

42 years meditating daily (TM Sidha & other)

1 year ashram in India

35 years practicing shaman (Michael Harner)

35 years tarot reading

25 years professional psychic (no tools)

20 years teaching psychic development

Straight Psychic, Several Guides, Tarot Reading (several decks), Palmistry, Astrology, I Ching, Runes, Billet reading, Handwriting analysis, Quick ‘Messages’, Shaman work, Crystals, tea leaves/Turkish coffee grounds and Psychometry.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT-05:00) April 25, 2018, 04:41AM

Location: SHAMAN TOO  (Find on Google Maps)

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