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Miguel Ricardo Martín Llor...

Tarot, Reiki, meditations, pendulum, sound sessions, dream interpretations, spiritual guides and more.


With the use of tarot, I am able to help you identify you’re here and now, so can take the next step in your spiritual evolution. With the use of Reiki, you will learn how overcome all difficulties and challenges you are faced with. I also can help you with your dreams interpretation, spirit guide connection and your interself. As a councious messenger, I receive help from a series of spiritual guides, also, from other entities that are from other realities that allow me to further help other find their path. I have dedicated 10 years to helping others and myself overcome obstacles. My training comes from learning several techniques in my country of origin. These techniques have allowed my spiritual growth to flowrish in a matter that connects me to the universe. All these experiences have helped me develop a stronger ability to help. What I love best is helping anyone who needs it!. Let me help you resolve any problem that troubles you.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

-REIKI MASTER -KARUNA REIKI:Levels 1 y 2. -HEMI-SYNC:“Excursion 1”,”Excursion 2” y “Excursion 3”. Residential courses “Gateway” and “Lifeline”. -HO’OPONOPONO:2 levels with Mabel Katz. -Sound massage workshop with Tibetan bowls. -RECONNECTION:“Reconnective healing” and “Reconnection”) with Eric Pearl. -Methamorphic massage/technique:Level 1. -MEDITERRANEAN ESSENTIAL FLOWERS:Level 1. -TENSERGETIC:Level 1, aural vision with Cristian Salado. -TANTRIC NUMEROLOGY:Level 1 with Devta Singh Khalsa. -TANTRA:Level 1 with Xavi Domènech. -MINERALS:Heart chakra workshop with Nina Llinares. -ARMONIC CHANT:Workshop and armonic chorus with Francisco Lumbreras. -CONCIOUS EVOLUTION:8 workshops with Paloma Cabadas. -LIVING FROM PRANA:Sungazing workshop with Ratan Manek, Breathing workshop with Jasmuheen. -SILVA METHOD:First Level. -MERKABA:Residential course “Waking up the sacred heart” with Aguamar. -TANTRIC CONFERENCES/BUDA MAITREYA BLESSING:With Dalai Lama. Mungod, India. -Communication animals, plants…


2008: -Guided meditations and Reiki in the Soto del Real jail, Madrid, Spain, with the Sauce Foundation.

2010: -33 doctors initiated in Reiki en 3 different hospitals in Gambia, Africa.

2011: -Founder and director of the complementary therapies centre Aurora

2012-2013 (Bogota, Colombia): -Guided meditations (with crystal singing quarz bowls) in the Cedhi foundation, in the social council and in different associations for people with few resources. -Guided meditations (with crystal singing quarz bowls, tarot, metamorfic massage, sound therapy, family contellations in the complementary therapies centre “El Árbol de la Vida” -Guided meditations (with crystal singing quarz bowls) and tarot en CdeC, -Akhasic records in Madreselva.

2016 (Madrid):

-Travels to Guatemala, Perú, Colombia, United States and Mexico working with the 2 energy networks of the world (the old and the new one) and with his kundalini energy. -Psychic in Oranum. -Psychic in Purple ocean.

2018 (Bogota):
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Languages: English, Spanish

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Local Time: (GMT-05:00) March 19, 2018, 09:21PM

Location: Bogota  (Find on Google Maps)

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