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My Astrology readings are clear, grounded and empowering. I bring answers and guidance that can help you to align with your own potential and truth, make the best decisions, navigate life transitions or challenges, or to understand yourself and your relationships better.

A specialty of mine are relationship questions and Astrology is a wonderful tool for shedding light on all manner of relationship concerns such as compatibility, relationship dynamics, potential, purpose and karma. Most importantly, I can help you to have a more fulfilling and happy relationship through understanding what you and your partner’s unique emotional and love needs are.

I can also help you to understand your unique soul purpose, and offer guidance as to how you may fulfill your potential. Career and money questions can also be addressed.

Forecast readings for the coming months and years can help you to best prepare and make the best of the opportunities in line for you.


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Certified Astrologer

Certified Reiki Master


My practice as an Astrologer spans over 7 years. Apart from private work with clients, I also teach Astrology.

I apprenticed and studied for 5 years with one of the best Astrologers in the field, Adam Elenbass of Nightlight Astrology. I am certified as an Astrologer with the Nightlight school.

I have lived and practiced all over the world, including in Gabon, the Netherlands and in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Working with clients of different backgrounds and contexts, I find that Astrology brings us back to our universal humanity, and addresses the very human experiences and concerns that all of us have.

Apart from Astrology, I am also a certified Reiki Master and can channel Reiki to bring healing to a life situation, or for your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well-being.

I am also an Artist, primarily working with painting. I love traveling, and have been to quite a few far flung places on our beautiful Earth.

Before working as an Astrologer and Artist I was a social worker, working in the pilot Needle Exchange program in Malaysia for the prevention of HIV.

I genuinely love working with people, and clients have told me that they appreciate the compassion and insight that I bring to them in our work together.



There are a few ways I work with relationship readings, depending on your unique needs and situation.

Firstly, I cast a divination chart to answer your questions, which can shed light on their feelings towards you, their motivations, and how you feel about them and the unfolding of events. I can comment and provide guidance as to whether the substance of the relationship is true, and whether it has the love to make it work. However, you have to do the work and make decisions yourself, according to your FREE WILL. I will not spoon feed clients or make decisions for them. Please take responsibility for your own life and your own relationships.

Having said that, the guidance in readings I provide can help you to move forward and make the best decision for yourself.

What comes next is the synastry reading that outlines the energetic flow between you two, both your unique relationship needs and patterns and how to work with them. Synastry speaks to the compatibility and unique influence and dimensions that we bring out and enhance in each other in relationship. Synastry also shows us the karmic links we have with each other.

The composite chart in the reading speaks to the PURPOSE and SOUL of the relationship as a third entity, created between two people. It speaks to the relationship as a creation and union.


In the natal chart reading we discuss the unique life and purpose your soul came here to embody, learn and experience. This is your unique blue print that outlines your gifts, the karmic challenges and also the keys to fulfilling your highest potential.


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16 Mar 2018 excellent ranking cnhoward1584

Really easy to talk to and gave me some great insight

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09 Mar 2018 excellent ranking nice2meetyou2018

Extremely gifted and accurate! Brought so much unexpected clarity. Thank you!

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03 Mar 2018 excellent ranking nerdq92

nice reader. offers many details.

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06 Feb 2018 excellent ranking moonlightinsight

Amazing! I had gotten a few readings by Melissa on Purple Ocean and decided to get a full chart reading on here because of how blown away I have been by previous readings. Not only is she kind but she is very gifted at what she does. Her readings are always extremely accurate, detailed, and in line with another astrologer I go to who's predictions always happen which helps me to trust her opinions and predictions even more! Her answers are direct and honest. She will give you the truth to your questions instead of false hope or assumptions. I will definitely keep coming back!

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16 Jan 2018 excellent ranking Lyndallb (unregistered)

Great very worthwhile:)

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