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Clairvoyant, spiritual guidance by Bella. Im a natural gifted psychic descendent from Native American Indians. I provide psychic readings, relationship coaching and many more services listed below.



I am very passionate about my work, my gift has been passed down from many generations through the Native American Indian, Spirit Lake tribe.When I give a reading I’m very in tune with your energy, and make sure to tell you everything you need to hear not what you want to. Compassion, truth, and guidance are my key to a better future, and happiness. Im not just a psychic but a friend to those who are lost. I have all the questions you are seeking especially when it comes to Love and relationships My specialities include Love/relationships Family Career Spiritual guidance/healing Chakra cleansing, balancing, and readings Psychic (past, present, and future) Pet psychic Dream interpretation I do have a few restrictions however, please read before calling Im not able to tap into any paranormal life force, spells, including talking to those who have past away. Also I’m a natural psychic, im not able to predict life or death including pregnancy.

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No free readings. I offer 3 free minute introductory, no free questions please, my time is very valuble, and answering questions involves a lot of consentration and energy to connect. Please do not contact me about those who have passed on, and pregnancy predictions.


i have helped thousands of clients, in person, and through other sites. Especially when it comes to chakra balancing, and energy cleansing. My cleansing method is 100% natrual, and guarenteed to clear your path to give you a fresh start with moving forward. So many clients were lost, battling depression, addiction, failed paths, heartbreak, negative energies caused from others around them. After working with me, they are renewed, and set on a much brighter path. I have worked on many other sites, and have my own psychic shop, since 7 years and counting. May not be as many years as most psychics, but i am an old soul, able to connect with clients of any age, shape and size.I love getting to know my clients on such a deep emotional and spiritual level, my gift was passed down to me for this very purpose, showing the light at the end of every tunnel.

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